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The Host

I am Kate, an American who has lived abroad for the last 11+ years in various countries. Throughout that time I have been a student, an au pair, an intern, an employee, an entrepreneur, a dog mom, single, married, divorced and now a business owner. I have done all of this on my own after getting a wild hair up my ass one day and moving to Barcelona from San Francisco, CA. Over the last 11+ years I have not only collected a full library of hilarious stories, I have also learned many lessons on patience, living in a culture that is not your own and much more. 

I currently own a sustainable design brand Atelier Kate that is focuses on sustainable and ethical design in fashion and interiors. Both my business and I are currently based between Paris, France and Casablanca Morocco. 

I am excited to share some intimate and embarrassing, but hopefully entertaining stories of my time living abroad thus far!



THe Podcast

10 Hours from Home is a collections of information and funny stories that deep dive into living abroad, making friends, finding a home, politics, religion and many more, with friends, colleagues and people I admire, to share what we have learned from living abroad. 


To entertain, inform and sometimes commiserate with fellow immigrants, wanderlusters, expats and those who may be curious about what life is like when living abroad.

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