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  • Katie Tramposh

Kate's New Home

Our new home is full of amazing people who do amazing work. Our first years, being based in Paris were amazing and filled with so much inspiration, so many amazing people to learn from and such great lessons. Now we are ready to our act on the road and launch the Atelier in Morocco.

After visiting this beautiful country in April of 2017 I completely fell in love with it. I have been lucky enough to have traveled back 5 times since then and met some seriously amazing artisans. After looking at what we do and the mission we want to accomplish, I realized that we could really make an impact in a place like Morocco, as well as lower our prices making the brand more accessible to everyone. So I traveled down the rainbow road and set out to bring Atelier Kate to Morocco.

Beyond the obvious of being able to make the brand more accessible and to have a greater impact on a community. The culture in Morocco is unlike an other I've experienced in the world, it's akin to Balinese but with a different religious base, but I still can't even compare the two. The more I discover this amazing country the more I fall in love. I don't think I have ever met more collectively genuine group of people in my life. For example, my mother and grandmother came for a visit over the Christmas holiday. We were traveling from Fes to a mountain area called Ifrane (to see the snow, because it snows here! How cool!) and we stopped to buy honey from a very kind older man named Said. Said sold us the honey and a tea pot and then invited us in to eat with his family. These people had so little but were so incredible kind to offer to share their meal with us. This is Morocco. This is what this country is about: sharing, building a community and having a relationship with God and it's an incredibly beautiful thing.

This is just the beginning of the story in Morocco but I will say I have met some amazing artisans, seen some incredibly inspiring sites and learned a lot about how to live everyday. I am excited to share more with you as it all unfolds!



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