10 Hours from Home is a collection of information and funny stories that deep dive into living abroad, making friends, finding a home, politics, religion and many more, with friends, colleagues and people I admire, to share what we have learned from living abroad. 

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In this episode of 10 Hours From Home we dive into the world of making friends! I am joined by my friend Veerle Beelen who is a travel coach that helps people with relocated and all that it entails. We recount our stories of being in our 20's in Barcelona and share helpful tips for finding your people even when you're a bit introverted, as a student, an employee or someone on their own in a new home!

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In this episode of 10 Hours From Home I discuss my adventures as a guest at a Moroccan wedding and follow it up with the reality of being homesick, a few stories about how to I deal aka don't deal well at all and some experiences from my various expat communities on how they combat that inevitable feeling!

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In the episode I talk all about getting around town! From trains, planes, metros, buses and automobiles, I tell everything from some of my stupid 20 year old stories about driving in Paris and running up on a median to more practical information about how to navigate metros and trains. I also school you on a French strike and how debilitating it is and share some Moroccan bus horror stories! Buckle up because this one is going to be a doozie!

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In this episode of 10 Hours From Home I talk about the basics, the ease or lack there of when is comes to finding and apartment. I share some of my horror and success stories of finding an apartment and share some tips on how to make the entire process easier from start to finish! I also dive in bank accounts and what hurdles are ahead of you as an American trying to find a bank that will accept you... the FBI makes it nearly impossible! But like in life almost all things are possible when you persevere! 

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In this episode of 10 Hours From Home I talk about first impressions, misconceptions and important things to remember when arriving at your chosen destination! This week I get into it about how to make the best of the "Oh Shit" moment of getting off the plane in your new home. I cover culture shock and how to navigate it with grace, language barriers and Moroccan lines!

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This week's episode of 10 Hours From Home is all about life as an Au Pair. What it is like to raise someone else's children, live in their home and learn how to be away from your family in your teens and early 20's all in a foreign language. This week I am joined by my dear friend Bettina and we reminisce on our time as au pairs and our adventures in Barcelona! We have a few giggles and far some good information on how to go about becoming an au pair as well as the important things to watch out for.

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In this episode of 10 Hours From Home, I talk about my origin story. The reader's digest version of what I do, who I am, how I got my travel/live abroad bug and most importantly how I ended up in Spain, France and Morocco. This is all followed by what I love most about each of these incredible places that I've lived and what we are getting into in this podcast!

In this episode of 10 Hours from Home, I talk about getting your feet wet with travel because before moving abroad it’s important that you see if you like being away from home!

We get into common misconceptions about traveling, over coming common fears, traveling solo, things I wish I’d known along the way and how to make traveling as painless as possible! I also tell a story or two about my first impressions of places I’ve traveled and warn you of what not to do even if I did these stupid things and lived to tell the tales!

In this episode of 10 Hours From Home we talk about how to take the first steps to living abroad… visas! It’s a complicated world to step into so along with my friend Hicham, we are giving you some insight into the types of visas you can get and some information about the process of getting them. Along with that we are talking about some of the crazy experiences we have had either getting our visas or first arriving in our new homes.